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OMSutra is a New York-based yoga and lifestyle brand born with a desire to preserve the beauty of deeply rooted rich craft traditions of India by supporting the artisan communities, who uphold these traditions, providing capacity and skills development to those in need. 

Their primary objective is to promote socially responsible design through cultural sustainability and to help create a quality product with an appeal for the global market while generating income opportunities and creating a social change for the marginalized women groups and artisans who have less access to the source of income. Each of their product is handcrafted with love, care, and attention to detail, reflecting the unique traditional skills and craftsmanship of each artisan. 

Make a difference and discover a new kind of shopping that prevents exploitation, lifts others out of poverty, and tries to bring peace to make the world a better place. By owning a precious piece from OMSutra, you participate in preserving the heritage of art and craft, sustaining it for the future, and nurturing the livelihood of their makers and their communities for a better life. 

Your purchase supports and creates more employment opportunities and helps alleviate poverty. We welcome you to explore their shop and enjoy the beauty of sustainable luxury. If you have any queries, please reach out to them and share your shopping experiences and feedback.

Our Kantha quilts are hand-stitched by the women groups based in Kolkatta from recycled vintage silk sari fabric from India. Each piece is made with two silk fabrics stitched together with a Kantha running stitches in 2 different colors, creating a subtle stripe throughout the length of the throw.

Kantha refers to the type of stitch used in the craft of embroidery. The Kantha stitch gives the sari quilts their general wavy, textured quality. Each Kantha quilt is handmade, fair trade, unique, and has hand-sewn magic and a story of many layers. It can be used in many ways around your home - a throw for a sofa or bed, they can be made into cushions, a wall hanging, a picnic or beach throw, and sewn into a variety of garments or a quilt.

It is soft and very lightweight with a nice drape. This quilt is symbolic of Indian heritage. The base fabrics are recycled saris and Indian fabrics, adding to their unique nature. It would make a beautiful gift for the home. It can add an eclectic and stylish touch to a minimal home and also suits the boho, and traveler style.

Size: 38'' W x 84'' L

OMSutra Hand Stitched Kantha Silk Vintage Throw

SKU: f5c99d69
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