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Our brand is dedicated to gathering sustainable, slow-phase, natural clothing with an emphasis on quality and longevity. Our pieces are designed to be timeless and stylish, with a focus on comfort and fit. We strive to reduce our environmental impact by using organic and natural materials, low-impact production processes, and sourcing locally. We believe in the importance of supporting small businesses, local artisans, and sustainable production practices. We are committed to gathering pieces that you will love and wear for years to come. You will feel the earth on your skin with our clothes. Our clothes, designed of natural fabric, will soothe you throughout your day and will support you if you feel stressed or need a calming touch. You will feel empowered and grounded with our silver-plated metal element jewelry, carefully crafted for each and every one of you.

Feel Geared by Stars with this necklace

★ Unique ★ Non Tarnish ★ Hypoallergenic ★

★Galactic Warrior Goddess Necklace gives you strength and power from stars in your daily tasks

This choker is crafted from tribal and galaxy-inspired designs,
making it perfect for creating a goddess-like look.
With the metal element and the weight on your skin,
you will feel yourself like a Star Warrior

★ Color: Silver

★ This handmade necklace fits perfectly for any neck, as a standard size.

★ It is a zamak necklace with sterling silver plated matte is an adjustable in the back.

★ Zamak is a hypoallergenic alloy, it contains zinc and trace amounts of aluminium, magnesium and copper.

All produts are silver plated and free of Nichel.


Avoid the contact of water and perfume in order to protect the shine of your jewelry.

It does not get darken. Suitable for many years of use

Heart Earth Craft Star Warrior Necklace

SKU: 94b70cee
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