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Prosperity Bells  Invite Abundance and Good Fortune !!

These prosperity bells are a colorful decoration to brighten your room with their cheerful presence traditionally believed to bring good luck. Hanging a Prosperity String in a doorway is believed to bring good fortune and bestow abundance upon the inhabitants of the home. Blended with traditional beauty and style, these wooden animal string hanging bells will make a great gift or a special addition to your collection, or great accent pieces for your home decor. Hang them outside under the tree, from a mantle, a curtain rod, or a hook and they're sure to catch smiles every time someone passes by. It also can be used to decorate a child's room, but not intended as a toy.

The eye-catching animal figure is beautifully hand-painted with the finest oil-based paints in vibrant colors, detailed finish, and glaring texture. The colors used are water-proof and do not lose their shine to dust, sunlight, or normal wear and tear. A single string with an animal figure is made of softwood and is Hand carved with a brass bell at the bottom. In between the animal figurines, the string has wooden beads. Each string is sold separately.

This is a Fair Trade product handmade by a women's craft cooperative in India. The artisans receive a fair wage for their work and are given development opportunities to help raise their communities above poverty.

OMSutra Handcrafted Wooden Prosperity Animal Brass Bells

SKU: efe287f7
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