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These handmade pouf collections are designed & tailored by one of the most famous & talented  Iranian artists Mohsen Moosavi and signed by him as precious artwork. These products are a unique addition to any room as a very versatile pouf of decor.

One thing that differentiates these poufs as a unique piece in your home is the artistic way of color combinations in which one or even several rugs’ pieces are tailored together to create an artwork. The beautiful wooden legs add a luxurious feature and also make them work as extra seating when the coach gets a little too crowded. 

**Please note that these poufs are totally handmade and there are limited numbers available on each pattern. They are designed for unique customers who want to feel different. 


  • Style: Handmade
  • Pattern & Color: as per the images
  • Size: 20*20*18 inches
  • Brand: Rugsnrug
  • Shipping Cost: Free Across Canada
  • Delivery Time: 3-5 Weeks

Mohsen Moosavi Handmade Pouf

SKU: 1e3e820e
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